When you need medical treatment you understandably put your faith and well-being into the hands of one of the oldest and most trusted professions.

However, if the treatment you receive falls below the standard you can reasonably expect from a doctor, dentist or other medical professional, our expert team is here to fight fiercely for compensation.

Mistakes may take the form of poor clinical judgment, diagnosis, treatment or harm caused by the negligence, incompetence or inadequate staffing which results in a lack of care.

We know that no sum of money ever fully compensates for the damage you may suffer caused by medical negligence but it can help you to lead a better quality of life. What’s more, it can help to highlight issues and lead to improved standards.

After a free no obligation interview we help you answer:

  • How much will I get?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost and who pays for what?

We can even visit you at home or in hospital.

Contact Annmarie Wilde, our Partner specialising in medical negligence claims, for a free no-obligation chat.