What are Party Wall Disputes?

Doing some renovation or conversion work to your home, then you may want to let your neighbours know about it. Semi-detached or terrace houses share at least one wall, this is known as a party wall.

Under the Party Wall Act 1996, homeowners must inform all neighbours two months in advance if they intend to carry out any structural work including:

  • Raising a party wall
  • Excavating foundations
  • Demolishing and rebuilding a party wall
  • Cutting into the wall
  • Inserting a damp proof course
  • Removing a structural beam or support

The neighbours have a very short timeframe to respond, either providing written agreement to the works proceeding or objecting. Where the neighbours object, a dispute arises and a Surveyor is appointed to prepare a party wall award.

There are also strict time limits to apply to the Court to appeal a party wall award.

If your neighbour has started or is about to start works without complying with the Party Wall Act, our team can assist with an application for an urgent injunction to prevent your neighbour from continuing with the works. The cost of applying for a party wall injunction can usually be claimed back from your neighbour if the Court grants you the injunction.

We can advise property owners and assist with the following:

  1. Preparation and service of the correct notice on your neighbours;
  2. Appointment of a party wall surveyor to prepare an award;
  3. Application for Injunctions;
  4. Prepare your case for mediation and/or litigation.

Our Solicitors are experts in this specialist area and members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, the leading organisation for party wall experts.

We will assess your party wall dispute and provide you with all the available options, including preventing the building work taking place or putting in place arrangements, such as compensation or time restraints.

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