Annmarie has been a qualified solicitor for over 19 years and specialises in Personal Injury cases. She also deals with Medical Negligence.

She studied Law at Hull University and trained at Coley & Tilley. After a brief interlude at another law firm (what was she thinking?!) , she returned to the Coley & Tilley fold, becoming Partner in 2001.

Annmarie thrives on the variety of her work and considers herself fortunate to be able to meet and help so many different clients. She is known to be a good talker and listener so this role is right up her street.

A real team player and grafter, Annmarie has a good head for detail. Such is her dedication that it is not surprising that she remained in touch with clients, even when she was on maternity leave!

Her belief that you should treat people as you expect to be treated earns her the respect of everyone she meets.

Home is shared with her partner and two children in Staffordshire.

A self-confessed sports addict, Annmarie loves the gym, swimming, mountain biking, skiing and scuba diving. She also enjoys to watch football; she met her now partner whilst watching the World Cup in 2002.

Oxfam and Christian Aid are Annmarie’s favoured charities.