Aurelia & Evan - Coley & Tilley Solicitors Birmingham (2)On the way into work on Wednesday it was raining. It was cold as well, considering it was June. As usual I had a busy day ahead; lots to do in so little time. Just the usual trivial worries that we have on a day to day basis.

Then I received some shocking news. One of our colleagues, Solicitor, Katy Dawson, has aggressive breast cancer and she is only 36 years of age. Suddenly my worries disappeared into oblivion.

Katy was on maternity leave having recently given birth to her son Evan. Her 4 year old daughter, Aurelia, is now a big sister and her husband Paul, a Daddy again. Just before Katy gave birth she found a lump on her breast which was diagnosed as aggressive breast cancer.

Katy’s world was turned upside down. She had to have surgery whilst still carrying Evan. Fortunately this went well. After Evan was born Katy started chemotherapy, but her future prognosis is uncertain.

Katy is a fighter, after all she is a litigator in our Employment and Litigation Department. Katy won’t give up for the sake of her children.

The type of cancer Katy has is classed as triple negative. She is still undergoing chemotherapy treatment and may have to have further surgery and radiotherapy.

The statistics aren’t great and even if she survives, the cancer can reoccur.Katy with Aurelia - Coley & Tilley Solicitors Birmingham (1)

Apparently there is a cutting edge and innovative treatment available, but this is in Germany and expensive. It can cost around £50,000. Other patients have had amazing results.

For the sake of the children, Katy is now frantically fundraising to try to reach the £50,000 target so she can have the treatment in Germany. Katy has just opened up a ‘gofundme’ page and donations are steadily flowing in.

Coley & Tilley Solicitors is a firm who support staff, but even more so in times of crisis. As well as making our own personal donations, all the Partners and staff have joined together as a team and now launch their own challenge called “Let’s get Katy to Germany…and back!” We ask that those who sponsor us to donate via Katy’s https://www.gofundme.com/2av467jr page.

If Katy does get the opportunity to go to Germany for the treatment she will have to travel a total of 671 miles. To get home again a further 671 miles, making a total distance of 1,342 miles. All of us at Coley & Tilley will as a combined team cover the same distance (in our day to day lives) over a 3 week period starting today and finishing on 22 July 2016. We will either walk, run, swim, cycle and for those here who struggle with sporting activities, they will still undertake a similar task but on a computer software program. One way or another we hope to cover the same distance that Katy will have to travel and get sponsored for our efforts. We will measure our steps with our step-counters or other devices and convert them to miles. We will have a map which will track the progress of our journey to Germany and back home again.Katy with Evan - Coley & Tilley Solicitors Birmingham

Most children break up for the summer holidays on 22 July 2016 which is the date our challenge will end. Most of us will enjoy summer holidays with our children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces etc. Let’s do this so Katy enjoys future summer holidays with her adorable children.

We will update you with our progress of our challenge and our fundraising on social media. Please share our posts so that we can achieve maximum publicity.

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The sun is shining today and the future looks a whole lot brighter!

Thank you in advance for your kind donations.

Katy & Paul - Coley & Tilley Solicitors Birmingham