Horses, Carriages and Wills!

This month, changes come into effect relating to the law of intestacy (where there is no will).

The old intestacy rules often used to create a rather cumbersome trust. The new rules are much simpler. If a person dies leaving a spouse and children the spouse receives the first £250,000, all “personal chattels”, and half of the rest of the estate absolutely. The children get the other half (at 18).

If the deceased leaves a spouse but no children, then the spouse receives the whole estate even if the person who dies leaves behind parents or brothers and sisters.

The new law became effective on 1st October 2014. Whilst it is simpler and considerably more generous to the surviving spouse, there is a greater risk of the children missing out and the real answer still has to be MAKE A WILL!

The law is also changed in a number of other respects. In particular the old definition of “personal chattels” which used to include things such as carriages, horses and stable furniture has been simplified and there is now no reference to horses at all!


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