Family law entering uncharted territory

On-going financial uncertainty coupled with changes in the way Legal Aid works has caused an increase in litigants representing themselves within family cases. In April next year, further changes to the legal aid system will mean most of those currently entitled to free legal advice will be unable to receive legal aid, and as such having legal representation within family proceedings will become the exception rather than the rule.

The impact upon the Courts will be massive. Currently Solicitors provide not only legal advice, but act as a buffer for a person’s emotions at what can be a very difficult and potentially acrimonious time in their life.  Solicitors are furthermore responsible for the creation of a myriad of Court documents all of which are essential to the smooth running of Court proceedings.

It is expected that Courts will become increasing clogged with cases, where parties representing themselves have no access to legal advice or representation. The effect will be that cases will take far longer to complete and Judges will find it far harder to make judgements with a degree of confidence that they have heard and seen all the evidence they need.

Given the upcoming uncertainty is has never been as crucial as it is now to have access to a specialist Solicitor who understands your case and will represent you at any stage or throughout proceedings with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Coley & Tilley’s Family Team are qualified Solicitors and each has specialist accreditations which provide clients with confidence and certainty. We offer fixed fee meetings, representation throughout your case or at particular times and are happy to discuss payment options to help you budget for legal expenses.

If you require advice on family law matters, please contact Jane Barclay [email protected] or Christopher Lloyd Smith at [email protected]